Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group's New Web Site

The renowned Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (CJDG) has launched a comprehensive new Web site located at The CJDG, in which Gordon Aatlo is a member, is an association committed to supporting and promoting innovative jewelry design.

Some of the finest American jewelry designers, including Diana Widman, Vicky Riggs, Denny Wong, Aaron Henry Furlong, Gordon Aatlo and about 35 others, are profiled in an area of the Web site dedicated to CJDG members. Gordon’s section features photos of his distinctive orbit rings, along with his eye-catching pendants and bracelets. In addition, a link to Gordon’s blog is highlighted in the “Designer Blog Index” on the homepage of the CJDG Web site.

An area of the new Web site is devoted to longer-form profiles of CJDG members. A recent profile was done on Aaron Henry Furlong and how he uses triathlons to achieve greater focus in his jewelry design. Vicente Agor contributed an article about his latest collection, which is inspired by his father’s photos of Antarctica in the 1970s and 1980s. A portion of the proceeds from Agor’s collection are donated to The Antarctica Project.

Another highlight of the CJDG’s new Web site is the “Trendwatch” section, featuring the latest movements and inspiration in jewelry design. Titled “The Right to Bare Arms,” one article in the “Trendwatch” section features a wide-ranging look at different styles in cuff bracelets. Another area in “Trendwatch” showcases photos of rings, brooches and earrings that are modeled after the smooth lines and bold colors of flowers.

The CJDG is a group of gifted designers who hold a dedication to integrity in the business and design of jewelry. Don’t miss the “About” section of their Web site if you’re interested in joining the association, checking out who has earned CJDG awards, catching the latest trunk shows or learning about the CJDG executive board.


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